PC Aspects

Marshal Jeremiah Hawkins
Spell-Slinging Lawman
If I Have To, I Will End You
Good Ol’ Boy
This Is My Turf, Damnit!
The Right Choice Isn’t Always The Easy Choice
You’re on my Crew
Nothing I Ain’t Seen
Justifiable Homicide in the Line of Duty (via Nick Smith)

Major Rais Stone
Texas Ranger of the Texan Court
Bound by Laws
College Education
Respected by the Fae
Major of Company G
Let God Sort Them Out
Unlikely Allies

Nicholas Smith
Mystical Blacksmith
Seeker of Forbidden Techniques
The Family Trade
Master-at-Arms for Company G
Can’t Say No to a Pretty Face
I Can Make Anything Sound Plausible
Act Now, Ask Questions Later
Fonzi is Cool, Be Like Fonzi (Weapon Aspect)

Warden Clarence Franks
Warden in Texas
Not From Around Here
My Father’s Watch
Blades Beat Claws
No Rest For the Wicked
In Harm’s Way

Peter Pan
Child at Heart
Hunted by the Summer Court
From the NeverNever
Personal Emotions never aside
the boy without Fear
Better with Friends

PC Aspects

Texas Rangers: Company G Artemis