Tubal Cain


Current Grey Smith, and teacher for Nicholas Smith. Tubal is a middle-aged man of Jewish ancestry. He is very task-oriented, preferring to keep himself busy with real, tangible work rather than dabble in theory or hypothesis. His decision to recruit Nicholas as his apprentice was met with skepticism by the other Smiths, due to Nick’s complete lack of classical blacksmith training and aptitude. Tubal is practical in his problem-solving, but he loves to talk — if he can spend an hour spinning a parable of wisdom, he’d prefer that to a straight answer to a question. Tubal has no specific blacksmith specialty, preferring to work as a generalist rather than a specialist.

Tubal is a direct descendent of his ancient namesake Tubal-Cain, named the “first smith” in the Torah.

(Portrayed by David Mamet)


Tubal Cain

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