Motoko Masamune


Motoko (“Moto” as Nick calls her, much to her chagrin) is a young Japanese woman who has studied swordmaking since she was a little girl. She is focused and driven, but has a joyful exuberance that Japanese traditionalists would find off-putting. She is extremely outgoing and bubbly, loves to sing and dance, and would always rather talk through a problem than resort to violence. That doesn’t mean she can’t handle herself in a fight, however — she’s been practicing kendo for exactly as long as she’s been smithing. Polite, energetic, and smart, Motoko is the beautiful good-girl you want to introduce your mother to. Motoko’s blacksmith specialty is in more elegant weaponry, such as katanas, daggers, chain weapons, and even a whip (which Nick still teases her about).

Motoko is descended from the legendary Japanese swordsmith, Masamune.

(Portrayed by Airi Taira)


Motoko Masamune

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